DATE:            JANUARY 27, 2017                                                                        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Orange County Democratic Women Taps Into Local Concerns
New Group Forms as People Fear the Direction the Trump Administration is Taking America

JANUARY 27: (CHESTER, NY) January 26 dozens of Democrats, liberals and progressives packed into a room last night at GW’s Bar and Grille in Chester. They stayed for hours to talk about their concerns over the direction the Trump administration is taking America. The meeting was put together to be a continuation of the global movement that the Women’s March  kicked off last weekend which had 1.3 million participants in Washington DC and 600 solidarity marches all over the world.

Last night, over 60 people from different parts of Orange County responded to an invitation by Orange County Democratic Women to attend. The goal to form a grassroots activist organization was a bigger than expected success according to organizers. For several hours, people talked about their fears, their concerns, and plans to resist any efforts to damage programs and policy that have been the backbone of our Democracy and which are now under attack by the new administration. Attendees said that everyday there is something new that offends them. Yesterday’s news that a gag order was placed on scientists in the EPA started talks about future marches.

“People feel overwhelmed by the number of causes which need to be defended. They want some leadership and direction which we hope to provide,” said Willa Freiband, Past President OCDW.

By the end of the evening, a consensus was reached to form a countywide grassroots effort to resist the Trump administration’s goal of dismantling programs, policies and curtailing human rights. They also agreed to be a watch dog to aid or resist any spill over at the County and State government level.  “Trump’s vision is not what America stands for. The popular vote which did not support Mr. Trump, has now turned into a citizens’ movement to reject his vision,” said Ms. Freiband.

The mood in many communities is somber.  People are getting involved in activism in ways they never have before, and at meetings like this happening all over the country, they are stepping up. This is not a short term commitment. Other marches are already being planned by groups focused on specific issues.  “We are happy to see that the Women’s March inspired so many people to return to their communities and organize to ensure that the policies of the United States advance equity and human rights.  The silver lining in this election is that millions of people have woken up and are looking for ways to engage in the Democratic process,” she concluded.  
The newly formed activist group welcomes those who are looking for like minded people, direction, leadership and resources to contact OCDW.

Orange County Democratic Women Activism Group - While each person has their own reasons for becoming an activist, the goal of this group is to bring people together to take a stand on issues that deeply impact all Americans. It  seeks to reaffirm the core American values of freedom and democracy for all at a time when many fear that their voices will be lost, specifically related to women’s rights, immigrant rights, worker rights, reproductive rights, LGBTQIA rights, environmental rights, rights for all races, and religious freedom.


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