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Candidate Endorsements

Each spring, OCDW's Endorsement Committee reviews applications from current candidates in an effort to evaluate how well those running for office represent the principles and purposes of our organization.  OCDW  is dedicated to building a new generation of pro-choice Democratic leaders. 

If you are a Pro-choice Democratic candidate currently running for state or local office in New York, you are eligible to apply. Download and complete the candidate questionnaire.  Return it as soon as possible to ocdwpres@gmail.com

The endorsement process begins once petitions are filed and extends through August. Applicants who are in a primary are not eligible until a winner has been declared. 

For more information, contact ocdwpres@gmail.com

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We'd like to hear from you. Send us your ideas for events or just send us your email address to receive timely information about events and meetings.

You can reach us at ocdwpres@gmail.com

Candidates seeking an endorsement should contact ocdwpres@gmail.com 

events and meetings take place through orange county