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My View

When a candidate asks for my support, I want them to be straight with me. Colin Schmitt says he supports women and families.I disagree.

Colin’s voting record supports gender inequity which reduces opportunities for women, seniors, and minorities.

His votes demonstrate a lack understandingthat women and girls, especially women of color, have been held back by institutional bias.  

His record ignores the needs of single parents, struggling families, and undermines health care and financial needs. I can’t support a man whose votes maintain women’s second-class status.

Assemblyman Colin Schmitt voted NO to a bill to establish a health care budget that would grandfather coverage under the Affordable Care Act in the NY Health Plan.  Covid proves how disastrous it is for families not to have good health insurance coverage.

Schmitt said NO to a bill to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity. He said NO to a bill to protect rent regulated tenants from harassment. He said NO to a bill to prevent firearms in schools. He said NO to a bill acknowledging women have the right to make their own family planning decisions. He said NO to increasing state rent control protection and stabilization rules.

Colin’s voting record lines up with his political party’s interests, not his constituents.

He said NO to a bill regarding congressional request to release presidential tax records. He said NO to a bill to allow transferring voter registration and enrollment after moving. He said NO to a bill to extend voter registration cut off. And he said NO to early voting.

Colin Schmitt said he was for term limits. I agree.

I plan to vote for Sarita Bhandarkar (AD99). Her record demonstrates true advocacy for families, women, minorities, seniors, and the principle that constituents come first.

Willa Freiband, Woodbury